AME CEE 2023 scholarship program offered to the meritorious students to praise and encourage them to build their fascinating career in the growing aviation sector as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, and Aerospace Engineer. The scholarship will be awarded to the students only based on the All India Rank of AME CEE 2023, irrespective of caste, gender, community, and religion of the student.

Ranks Maximum Students Scholarships on Tuition Fees Maximum Scholarship in INR
AME CEE 2023 Topper/Central Board Topper/ State Board Topper All 100% 2 Lakhs
AME CEE 2023 Rank 2 to 5 4 75% 1.5 Lakhs
AME CEE 2023 Rank 6 to 20 15 50% 1 Lakhs
AME CEE 2023 Rank 21 to 100 80 25% 50 Thousand
AME CEE 2023 Rank 101 to 1000 900 15% 30 Thousand
AME CEE 2023 Rank 1001 to upto 5000 4000 10% 20 Thousand
AME CEE All Qualified Students All 5% 10 Thousand

Note: Scholarships will be applicable for first semester tuition fees, only for those who take admission

The AME CEE scholarship for the CPL course will be applicable on admission fees only.

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