India jumps to 48th Spot in International Aviation Safety Ranking: DGCA

India jumps to 48th Spot in International Aviation Safety Ranking DGCA

What is ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization?

The International Civil Aviation Organization is a specialised agency of the United Nations that promotes the planning and development of international air transport in order to ensure its safe and orderly growth. Additionally, it coordinates the concepts and procedures of global air navigation. The ICAO Council develops guidelines and standards for international civil aviation’s air navigation, infrastructure, flight inspection, avoidance of unauthorised intervention, and easing of border crossing processes. Transport safety authorities in nations that have ratified the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation must adhere to the protocols set forth by ICAO for air accident investigations.

Who is the DGCA or Directorate General of Civil Aviation?

A statutory organisation of the Indian government, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), is in charge of policing civil aviation in the country. The 2020 Aircraft (Amendment) Act made it a statutory body. The DGCA is in charge of issuing aviation licences like PPLs, SPLs, and CPLs in India, as well as conducting investigations into aviation accidents and events and maintaining all aviation rules.

What should one know about the news?

Four years ago, the country was ranked 102nd overall. With a score of 85.49%, the country currently scores higher than China (49), Israel (50), and Turkey for successfully implementing crucial safety measures (54).India received a score of 69.95% in the 2018 Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program. “Keeping the newly discovered status is difficult. Director General Arun Kumar stated, “We reassure all of our stakeholders that DGCA. Will stop at nothing to further raise India’s position He said that the outcome will likely be officially announced soon. The improved score shows that India’s safety measures for aviation have been improved. Indian carriers can expand more quickly in foreign markets thanks to increased domestic aviation safety as new service approvals are more easily granted.

What are the five components of aviation safety?

Management Commitment and Responsibility; Safety Accountabilities; Appointment of Key Safety Personnel; Coordination of Emergency Response Planning; and are the five components of safety policy and objectives. Documentation for SMS.

Why is aviation safety important? What does the worldwide aviation safety ranking mean?

The study and use of risk management in aviation constitute aviation safety. This covers things like research, teaching people involved in air travel, passengers, and the general public, as well as improving aircraft and aviation infrastructure. The worldwide aviation ranking rates aircraft safety in various airplanes in countries around the world, encouraging better safety and high quality travel experience.


Aviation is heavily reliant on safety. It makes the entire enterprise of little value if not followed rigorously. Along with other things like the ability to travel quickly, passengers enjoy the ability to travel pleasantly and with minimal to no risk. India is always strengthening its aviation business overall, whether it is by better infrastructure, training methods, etc., as evidenced by its latest improvement in the ICAO rankings, where it went from 106th to 48th place.

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