No Better Place Than Air India Right Now for a Career in Aviation

No Better Place Than Air India Right Now for a Career in Aviation

What is the news about?

Campbell Wilson, the CEO of Air India, spoke at a recent news conference on the airline’s transformational progress, some of the obstacles encountered, and the potential for future growth for both the company’s employees and the airline as a whole. There is currently no better organisation than Air India, according to Wilson, for anyone considering a career in aviation in India.

To support its ambitious growth plans, Air India will require a talented workforce across all divisions. And although finding the proper people quickly enough to keep up with the airline’s anticipated development could be difficult for the time being, it also means that anyone joining Air India’s workforce at this point will have plenty of prospects for career advancement. Campbell Wilson, the carrier’s chief executive officer, claimed that Air India has started a mission that has never been carried out in the nation’s aviation sector. He emphasised how India hasn’t had a national champion airline to develop talent for Air India’s massive growth plans. The airline will get 470 brand-new aircraft in the coming years, and 70 of them are going to be wide bodies, which India has not seen before. To conduct daily operations, Air India will obviously need pilots, cabin crew, and engineers. To meet this demand, the airline will promote talent development in the nation.

In order to develop pilots domestically, he declared, “We will be investing in extremely big training academy. For a very long time, India has been a talent exporter, particularly in the aviation industry, and I believe that this is the first time that an airline exists in India that any aviation professional may join with a promising career chance. As a matter of fact, given the scope and ambition of our expansion, Air India is perhaps the best place in the world right now to pursue a career in aviation.

Which aircrafts will be used?

According to data from, Air India currently operates 20 A319s, nine A320s, 27 A320neos, and 14 A321s, making up the entirety of its narrowbody fleet. But, following the placement of a sizable order, its relationship with the European company lately became much stronger. In fact, Air India ordered 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with a total market value of almost $68 billion, as Easy Flying reported two weeks ago. This includes six A350-900s, 34 A350-1000s, 140 A320neos, and 70 A321neos from the Airbus side. As a result, it appears like there will be a lot more test flights of the Air India A321neo in the future, similar to the one that happened yesterday.


Even foreign investors recognize a current potential to engage in this industry and thrive because of how quickly India is developing. Anyone with an interest in this profession should pursue it right away because it is at an all-time high. The facts should be read by anyone who does not perceive the potential.

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