Overcoming Hurdles, Air India Emerges Stronger than Ever

Overcoming Hurdles Air India Emerges Stronger than Ever

The news says

The Tata Group acquired the Indian national airline Air India more over a year ago. At the time, the airline had been badly damaged by years of poor management, incompetence, and a huge debt load. Yet, 365 days later, Air India has had a successful year, with a strong promise and a desire to once again become the recognisable national “Maharaja.”

With a strong eye on the future, the airline has made great progress in the last year. The airline has painstakingly created a roadmap to help it become a worldwide powerhouse with an unshakable Indian character. When it begins this thrilling trip, In addition to updating its in-flight menu and vowing to change its décor, Air India has also launched new user interfaces and hired over 1,200 new staff members in crucial positions.

What actions were done to make this happen?

Restructuring the airline’s management was one of the first actions it did after assuming control on January 27, 2017, from the Indian government. In April of last year, it made significant changes to the airline’s board of management with the goal of improving operations and customer service.

What changes have been made at this airline?

The performance of Air India in terms of on-time arrivals has significantly improved over the past year. Under the government, Air India was notorious for its tardiness and frequently had trouble leaving on schedule. Yet, the airline has been able to increase its on-time performance during the past year, going from 70% in 2021 to 90% in 2022.

Also, a backlog of one million overdue refunds was effectively cleared, reduced to zero, and new cases are being processed quickly. In addition, Air India made the decision to optimise its network and make corrections in the domestic market. The new owner made the decision to reduce the number of routes that were not profitable for the airline, in contrast to past times when the airlines operated in practically every network, even in the heavily losing sector. In actuality, it began to concentrate on metro to metro routes while keeping in mind the carrier’s full-service orientation. Budget airlines were posing fierce competition for the airline’s non-metro routes by offering incredibly low prices, which made it challenging for a full-service carrier to remain profitable.

The new incarnation of Air India is also working to improve the overall passenger experience, from the time a passenger books a ticket with the airline to the time they leave the airport after arriving at their destination. The average wait time for customers phoning the airlines’ customer service has been cut by over 90% as a result of some of the initiatives the airlines have implemented.


It is anticipated that the airline would place a historic order for 500 aircraft in the upcoming months, making it possibly the only airline in the world to accomplish so in a single order. Airbus and Boeing will each receive a portion of the orders, which are anticipated to be fulfilled within the next ten years and delivered to the airlines.

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