Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) License

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) License

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the profession that deals with the maintenance, repair, and maintenance of aircraft and its components. Maintenance of aircraft is an important aspect when it comes to safety. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is an international license-based course whose license is valid in the government and private sector globally. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license is issued by the DGCA Govt. of India.

AME License Worth

The license is mandatory to be Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in the aviation sector. AME License is compulsory for the candidate to maintain and certify the aircraft. The AME license is authorized internationally that deals with safety and security by following rules and regulations for civil aviation in the World.

Getting AME License Process

Getting an AME license is not a piece of cake, the student has to study hard because this course is related to the wellbeing of aircraft and its passengers. The first candidate should qualify for the AME CEE entrance exam to get admission in one of the top institutes and get up to 100% scholarship. There will be some modules as per the license conducted by DGCA. After clearing the modules and 2 years practical training the license will be applied by the candidate in DGCA Govt of India. After qualifying the examination, DGCA will issue the license to the candidate. The AME License is a mandatory qualification to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

AME License Categories

There are categories in which a candidate can take AME License in:-
B1:- B1 license is the mechanical stream which deals with engines, wings, fuselage, and other components.
The B1 is subcategorized in following parts:-

  • Category B1.1:- B1.1 license is to certify the maintenance of jet engine aeroplanes. Category B1.2:- B1.2 license is to certify the maintenance of piston engine aeroplanes.
  • Category B1.3:- B1.3 license is to certify the maintenance of jet engine helicopters. Category B1.4:- B1.4 license is to certify the maintenance of piston engine helicopters.

Category B2:- B2 license is widely known as avionics stream which is related to electronic components in the aircraft which are categories in the following part:-

  • Electrical System
  • Instrumental System
  • Radio Navigation and Communication

Work of AME License Holder
No aircraft can fly first it has to undergo the procedure by the licensed AME for the inspection of the aircraft properly and sign a certificate then only the aircraft can fly. A certificate is mandatory before flight every fly this certificate assures that the aircraft is fit to fly. The safety and security of aircraft and their passengers are on the shoulders of the skilled AME. The licensed AME has high dignity and respect as it is a very responsible profession.

AME License Holder Job Opportunities
The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License holder can build their shinning and fascinating career in the following fields:

  • National and International Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) Organizations
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft part Manufacturing Companies
  • Aviation Training Centers
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Aviation Operation Organizations
  • Flying Clubs

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License Holder Salary
This training program will be held in Flying Environment. In the training program, a candidate gets stipends. Stipends amount will be based on the organization a candidate is performing their task. The starting average salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer will be Rs 6 to 7 Lakh depending on the skill set of AME. The salary for these engineers can be high as skillset and academic knowledge plays an important role in salary.

Ask Your Question


  • What is the role of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license?

    The role of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license is performing the maintenance, repair, and solve the problem in the aircraft in private and government sector worldwide.

  • Where I can do job after getting the AME license?

    After getting the AME license, AME can do the job in national and international airlines, MRO organizations, aircraft manufacturing companies, aircraft part manufacturing companies, etc. worldwide.

  • What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineer do?

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer certifies the airworthy condition of an aircraft. Without approval of skilled AME, no aircraft can fly.

  • What is the salary of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

    The salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer will depend on the skill set of the candidate. It may range from Rs 6 to 7 lakh per annum.

  • What is the qualification to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer course?

    The qualification to apply for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer course is 12th with physics, chemistry, and mathematics or 3-year engineering diploma in a few stream from recognized board/university.