Air India Rejigs Route Network in First Step Towards One Brand Umbrella

Air India Rejigs Route Network in First Step Towards One Brand Umbrella

An overview of the news

To eliminate internal rivalry among the four airlines operating under the Air India name, the Tata Group has begun redesigning the route network. Air India will take over as the sole airline from the Tata stable to fly on the two routes once AirAsia India leaves the Delhi-Visakhapatnam and Mumbai-Lucknow routes as part of the strategy, the airline announced today. The airline announced that the route’s overall frequency will not change. At the moment, full-service airline Air India, low-cost carrier IndiGo, and budget airline AirAsia India all fly between Delhi and Visakhapatnam. Nowadays, AirAsia India, low-cost airlines Go FIRST and IndiGo, as well as full-service airline Air India, fly between Mumbai and Lucknow. Similar to this, AirAsia India will take the place of Air India on flights to Bhubaneswar, Bagdogra, and Surat. With Tata Group’s Air India acquiring the 16.67% share the Malaysian carrier still held in AirAsia India for 155.65 crore, AirAsia Bhd withdrew from the Indian low-cost carrier in November 2022.

What is the CEO’s take?

According to the Tata Group’s intentions, AirAsia India and Air India Express would merge in roughly a year, and the combined company will use the name Air India Express. “The acquisition of Air Asia India provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to optimise the Group’s flight network, along with the continuing restructuring and expansion of Air India. In particular, it helps us match routes with the best airline business model, according to Mr. Campbell Wilson the CEO and MD of Air India. According to him, the goal is to run full-service airline Air India on routes with good connectivity and metro-to-metro markets. He noted that the low-cost carrier, which will be the combined Air India Express, will target populations that are more focused on leisure activities or are price sensitive. According to Wilson, “this will increase our appeal to both business and leisure travellers and enhance connectivity between important domestic locations and Air India’s swiftly growing international network.” Air India will also boost the number of flights it operates between Delhi and/or Mumbai and Cochin, Trivandrum, Visakhapatnam, and Nagpur. In addition, Air India would enhance frequency between Mumbai and Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore as well as between Delhi and Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. The new schedule will go into effect on February 13th.

The number of routes that Air India offers?

As of January 2023, Air India offers service to 46 domestic and 39 overseas locations.

Which Indian city saw the launch of the country’s first aviation service?

The first commercial civil aviation flight in India took off from Allahabad for Naini on February 18, 1911, covering a distance of six miles. This is when modern civil aviation in India began (9.7 km).


The aviation business in India is expanding, and Air India is doing its best to play its part. You should expect Air India to have a significant amount of control over Indian airlines in the near future given recent developments involving the merged VISTARA carriers and significant aircraft purchases.

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