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High Paying Jobs that Allow You to Travel Across the World

What are some high paying jobs that let you travel the world?

There are many jobs a travel enthusiast can opt for:

  1. Aircraft Maintenance engineer
  2. Pilot
  3. Travel blogger
  4. Flight attendant
  5. Cruise ship worker, etc.

While most of the travel jobs have less job security and only few make it, jobs In Aviation can be counted on to keep you loaded and satisfied throughout your career. Going in more detail about Aircraft maintenance engineer job, one can understand the relevance of it by looking at the opportunities they get.

Lifestyle, Career Prospects, and Remuneration of an AME:

As the backbone of the aviation industry and a necessity for every flight, AME needs qualified individuals with the relevant qualifications. AME must be passionate about his work. They undoubtedly earn excellent wages. It is an excellent position.

Airlines are businesses that offer passengers a means of transportation by air. A licenced AME must assess and resolve any issues with an aircraft before it takes to the air. An aircraft can take to the air after receiving a Flight Release Certificate (FRC).

Industries involved in maintenance, repairs, and overhauls (MRO) Companies that specialise in maintaining pre-determined conditions and their parts, such as jet engines, landing gears, etc., are known as MRO companies. They require AME’s.

Businesses that manufacture aircraft include those that make aeroplanes from Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and other manufacturers. In order to maintain as well as run electronics systems, jet and piston engines, etc. Engineers for aircraft maintenance are hired.

Manufacturers of aircraft parts: There are several parts that make up an aircraft. Airplane Part Manufacture Businesses have constructed those parts in order to produce them. Engineers in aircraft maintenance can evaluate those components and assist in the development of better ones.

Organizations that operate aircraft: The Aircraft Operation Organizations include EASA, ICAO, etc. Their group deals with the laws revolving around civil aviation’s safety and security. AME Engineer is the first name that comes to mind when talking about safety in flight.

Aviation Training Facilities: you can be a professional that creates many by tutoring them on it.

Flying Clubs: A flying club is a group that offers its members reasonably priced access to air travel. The maintenance on that aircraft is carried out by AMEs who are licenced.

Public Defence Units: To protect the nation, the defence uses a variety of aircraft for different tasks. By qualified AME, defence is also upkeep.

Also, if an aircraft is utilised for civil purposes, it must be maintained by an approved aircraft maintenance engineer.

Can AMEs from India work abroad?

Since its licence is recognised internationally, graduates can work in both the private and public aviation sectors anywhere in the world.

What is the AME’s monthly salary?

In India, an aircraft maintenance engineer makes an average salary of 8 Lakhs (about $66.7k/month).

Conclusion: AME’s can work around the world with attractive salary packages and high respect in the field.