Benefits of Pursuing AME in DGCA Approved Institutes

Benefits of Pursuing AME in DGCA Approved Institutes - AME CEE

There are plenty of benefits to pursuing AME in DGCA approved institutes. This course, after the 12th PCM became one of the most popular courses in the aviation sector. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) is the person who certifies the airworthy condition of an aircraft. The maintenance, repair, rectification, testing, and troubleshooting of an aircraft are the responsibilities of a skilled AME. The job profiles of the AME is one of the high-paid in the aviation sector.

AME Scope in the Aviation Worldwide

AME scope in the aviation is at its high peak worldwide. If we talk about the Indian aviation sector, it is at a developing stage. Government projects such as UDAN, Made in India, etc. have helped India in taking the aviation sector to new heights. India has witnessed a tremendous growth that increases the employment opportunities in the aviation sector.

AME license can be acquire after passing all modules as well as practical training. On the basis of that license, candidate can build their golden career in the private as well as government sector worldwide. Many countries in the world are either at developing or expanding stages in aviation, which results in a scarcity of skilled AMEs. Checking the fit to fly condition of aircraft is one of the primary and important aspects of the aviation sector.

Wide AME Job Organizations


Airlines are one of the safest and most time saving carriers. The main reason of airlines to be safe is AME. They certify the airworthy condition before every flight. No aircraft can fly without approval from a licensed AME.

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Enterprises:  MRO organizations specialise in performing the maintenance, repair, and testing tasks. MRO companies hire a large number of them to demonstrate their ability to complete the task.

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies such as Boeing, Airbus, etc. appoint skilled AMEs for the purpose of maintaining, modifying, repairing, and testing the aircraft.

Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies

Aircraft consists of numerous complex components to assemble, fabricate, maintain, test, and repair those parts Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies are appointed.

Aircraft Operation Organizations

Aircraft Operation Organizations such as DGCA, ICAO, EASA, etc. manage the safety and security of civil aviation. When we talk about the safety of civil aviation, AMEs is the most crucial part of it so these organizations hire them for the purpose of safety.

Flying Clubs

In flying clubs, numerous aircraft are kept for private purposes. To maintain that aircraft, AMEs are being appointed.

Flight Training Centers: Flight training centres are those who educate the AME about the functioning of aircraft and their components.

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