Top B Tech Courses In Aviation Sector

Top B Tech Courses in Aviation Sector - AME CEE

Top B Tech courses in aviation are designed for candidates who are enthusiastic about this field and aircraft. A candidate either passed a 3 year engineering diploma or 12th PCM can opt for the B Tech degree course in the aviation. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a government of India approved college will offer a B Tech in Aeronautical Engineering. Aside from a B Tech degree, students will need some additional skills to have a successful career in the aviation industry. B Tech in the aviation sector is in the limelight because of its terrifying growth in India as it builds massive career opportunities. Student can apply for AME CEE to join one of the top aviation colleges/institutes in India with up to 100% scholarship.

What are the top B Tech courses in aviation sector?

A few of the top B Tech courses in aviation sector that are catching the limelight are as follows:

B Tech Aeronautical Engineering

B Tech in Aeronautical Engineering is the four year programme in which student gains the knowledge about the production processes of aircraft components. The processes include planning, designing, modifying, manufacturing, and testing of components of aircraft. Several Aircraft Manufacturing Companies, MRO Organizations, Research Organizations, Airlines, Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies are waiting for skilled Aeronautical Engineers. After acquiring a B Tech Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, student can serve in the private and government aviation sector. Apart from this, as per the student will he/she can also go for the PG programme for the specialization.

B Tech Aerospace Engineering

B Tech in Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering that teaches the student about the planning, designing, modifying, assembling, manufacturing, testing, and operating of flying vehicles within and outside the Earth’s atmosphere. These vehicles includes aircraft, satellites, space-shuttles, rockets, etc. These skilled engineers are in high demand in organizations such as the DRDO, NASA, ISRO, Boeing, Airbus, HAL, and others. They can pursue PG programme specializations in the courses related to the aviation department.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) + B Tech Programme

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is basically an international licensed based programme. However, in several institutes offers an integrated course that combines AME and B Tech. After four years, student becomes eligible to acquire an international license and a B Tech degree. It is a unique programme and has great career opportunities in the aviation sector. Before every flight, it is the responsibility of a skilled AME to certify the airworthy condition of an aircraft. Because of its license, students can serve in the private and government aviation sectors worldwide.

To become an aircraft maintenance engineer you may could join AME engineering through AME COMMON ENTRANCE EXAM (AME CEE) this examination you may join AME engineering approved by DGCAEASA or UGC.