What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of An AME?

What are the duties and responsibilities of an AME - AME CEE

The duties and responsibilities of an AME are one of the most eye-catching as well as important aspects of the aviation sector. If you have been fascinated by aeroplanes since childhood and are passionate about them, you should enroll in the AME course. Basically, an AME is a licensed person who certifies the airworthy condition of an aircraft. The license of an AME is an international license, which means he/she can build a career in the both private and government aviation sectors worldwide. Before every flight, fit to fly condition is compulsory to be verified from the skilled AME.

AME License Holder Duties

Safety and security plays most important role in the aviation sector. Obviously, AME duties and responsibilities are tough. When we dig deeper into the AME program, we discover that it is further classified into various licenses. As per their duties, some of the following are as follows:

  • B1.1: This license holder will be responsible for performing maintenance, repair, testing, and troubleshooting on the mechanical parts of aircraft powered by jet engines.
  • B1.2: B1.2 licensed AME will perform maintenance, repair, testing, and troubleshooting on the mechanical parts of a piston-engined airplane.
  • B1.3: B1.3 license holder will verify the function of mechanical parts of the helicopter with jet engines.
  • B1.4: The person with a B1.4 license will perform duties ranging from repairing to troubleshooting mechanical problems on the helicopter’s piston engines.
  • B2: B2 license is commonly known as “Avionics.” This license holder will perform the tasks of maintenance, repair, rectification, testing, as well as troubleshooting on the electrical, navigation, and instrumental systems.

AME Responsibilities in the Aviation

If you are willing to build a successful career as an AME in the aviation sector, then you must be aware of the AME duties and responsibilities.

  • Inspecting, maintenance, testing, repairing, as well as reassembling aircraft and its components.
  • Fixing electrical circuits.
  • Verifying communication, radar, and electronic instrument systems.
  • While examining the oxygen system components.
  • Assembling aircraft frames.
  • Conducting routine preflight inspections to ensure that aircraft are fit to fly.
  • Maintaining data records of all maintenance work.
  • As per requirement, they order parts and supplies.
  • Following all safety and security procedures and FAA regulations.

AME Work Places

The world’s aviation sector develops or expands so there are numerous career opportunities for skilled AMEs. Because of its high Some of the reputed AME work places where they can perform their duties are following:

  • AirIndia
  • IndiGo
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  •  WOW air
  •  Singapore Airlines
  •  Vistara
  •  Alliance Air
  •  Eithad Airways
  •  Air Arabia
  •  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  •  Deccan Charters
  •  Boeing Company
  •  Bombardier Inc
  •  SIA Engineering Company Ltd.
  •  Delta Techops
  •  Airbus SAS
  •  MTU Aero Engines
  •  Airbus
  •  Dassault Falcon
  •  Gulfstream Aerospace

To become an aircraft maintenance engineer you may could join AME engineering through AME COMMON ENTRANCE EXAM (AME CEE) this examination you may join AME engineering approved by DGCAEASA or UGC.