What is a AME?

What is a AME - AME CEE

The student who has an interest in the aviation sector must be aware of what is a AME? Generally, AME is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the license holder who certifies the airworthy condition of an aircraft. No aircraft can take off without the authorising signature of a licensed AME. They can work on the job profiles related to maintaining, repairing, rectifying, modifying, as well as troubleshooting the aircraft and its components. The AME licence holder is held to a high standard of responsibility and is meticulous in their inspections of the aircraft and its components.

The AME institutes are approved by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India. The student who wants to get the admission to one of the best AME institutes should apply for AME CEE. AME CEE conducts national level tests in India and provides meritorious students with up to 100% scholarships.

AME license

Basically, AME is an international license holder who can work in the private and government aviation sectors worldwide. The AME licenses are in the following categories:

B1: B1 is the license holder who certifies the mechanical parts of the aircraft and its components. It is further classified into the following:

B1.1: Aeroplane with jet engine/s

B1.2: Aeroplane with piston engine/s

B1.3: Helicopter with jet engine/s

B1.4: Helicopter with piston engine/s

B2: B2 is an avionics stream in the AME. They certify the instrumental, electrical, radar, and navigation systems of the aircraft.

How long is the AME course?

The AME course is a two-year academic programme and the next two years will be practical training in DGCA organizations. The practical training in DGCA approved organizations such as airlines, MRO organizations, aircraft manufacturing companies, etc. During live training, students will get a stipend depending on their skills. The DGCA will issue the license for an AME.

What is the salary for AME?

The salary for an AME will be based on numerous aspects, i.e. skills, organizations, academic knowledge, technical expertise, etc. They are one of the most popular and highly-paid professionals. According to the pay scale, the AME salary will be around Rs 7-8 lakhs per year.  Besides from salary, they have bright career opportunities in the aviation sector. As the days pass, the demand for AME is increasing gradually worldwide.

To become an aircraft maintenance engineer you may could join AME engineering through AME COMMON ENTRANCE EXAM (AME CEE) this examination you may join AME engineering approved by DGCAEASA or UGC.