Aeronautical Engineering Salary

Aeronautical Engineering Salary

The Aeronautical Engineering salary per month is one of the eye-catching aspects of this program. It will be dependent upon numerous aspects, such as skill-set, experience, academic knowledge, geographic location, organizations, etc. Students interested in the manufacturing, designing, testing, and operation of aircraft and its components can enrol in one of the best colleges/universities through AME CEE.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in India

Aside from HAL, NAL, and Boeing, numerous new players in the field of unmanned flying vehicles are emerging. Aeronautical Engineering salaries in India will be considered as one of the highest paid professionals in the aviation industry. According to the payscale’s survey, an entry-level or with less than 1 year of experience, Aeronautical Engineer can earn an average salary of Rs 716,860 per annum. After getting experience, variations in the average salary packages are noticed.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary Abroad

The Aeronautical Engineering salaries in Abroad plays a essential role which attracted student to move other countries. Here we are going to discuss a few popular countries that pay handsome salaries to Aeronautical engineer:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Salary in US: The Aeronautical Engineering salary package in the United States (US) is much higher as compared to other developed or developing countries in the world. Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, etc. are the world-leading US-based organizations. Apart from this, new space exploration organizations such as Space X, Virgin Galactic, Orbital Science, and the proposed asteroid mining companies Planetary Cooperation, and Deep Space Industries are example of showing the US growth in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. According to indeed, the average Aeronautical Engineering salary in the US is $108,676 per annum.
  • Aeronautical Engineering Salary in Canada: Canada is a highly developed mixed market, with the 8th largest GDP by nominal and the 15th-largest GDP by PPP in the world. The economic condition of Canada is such that it able to offer great salary packages to the people who are employed there. Many US-based organizations have their base in Canada. There are leading aircraft manufacturing organizations that are Canada-based such as Bombardier Aerospace, BTR Aerospace, etc. According to indeed, the average Aeronautical Engineering salary in Canada is $ 89,981 per annum.
  • Aeronautical Engineering Salary in European Countries: The European countries, including Germany, France, Russia, etc., have been well-known for the manufacturing of aircraft and spacecraft. European countries have some of the world’s leading organizations like Ilyushin, Sukhoi, Beriev, AMAC Aerospace. India also purchases the majority of its defence components from European countries. According to the payscale, the average Aeronautical Engineering salary in European countries is $17000 to $50000 depending upon the country in which you are employed.
  • Aeronautical Engineering Salary in UAE: Aeronautical Engineering salary in UAE, which includes Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and others, has a wide range of opportunities in the field of aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing.  Numerous popular organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Aero Technics, Dubai Aerospace Enterprises, etc. are in the UAE, so the graph of the career opportunities in manufacturing is high.

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  • What is the Aeronautical Engineering salary per month in India?

    The average Aeronautical Engineering salary per month in India will be around Rs 34,000 per month as per the ambitionbox. The salary may differ depending upon the aspects such as skill-set, organization, academic knowledge, etc.

  • Is Aeronautical Engineering salary good?

    Yes, Aeronautical Engineering salary is very good as it is one of the engineering which are considered to earn great salary packages. Apart from India, they have great career opportunities worldwide.

  • Which organizations offer great Aeronautical Engineering salary packages in India?

    Few of the organizations that offers great Aeronautical Engineering salary packages in India are:

    • DRDO
    • ISRO
    • HAL
    • NAL
  • What is the Aeronautical Engineer salary in DRDO?

    The average Aeronautical Engineering salary in DRDO will be around Rs 5,86,468 per annum as per the payscale. DRDO comes under one of the best and reputed research organizations in India.

  • Is Aeronautical Engineering a good career in India?

    Yes, Aeronautical Engineering is a good career as India is developing in the aviation sector incredibly. There are huge steps India has taken which provides huge opportunities and job to the aviation sector.

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