Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Career Opportunities

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) career opportunities are sky-high. AME plays an important role when we talk about the aviation sector. The well-being and protection of aircraft are duties and responsibilities of AME. AME deals with the maintenance, repair, and solve the complication of an aircraft. 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are eligible to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India. This course will be pursued from the DGCA, Govt. of India approved institutes.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Growth in India

Aviation Industry in India is growing rapidly. Pre-existing airlines consistently enlarging their fleet and new participant are coming into this arena. Thus, there is ample requirement for AME to service the fleet in India. Excluding this, there is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career growth in Aircraft Manufacturing Companies, flying clubs, Government’s Aviation Companies, etc.

The Government of India launches a popular scheme known as UDAN whose motivate is to let common people fly. Under this scheme, many projects have been launched that comes up with great benefit. Let common people fly focuses to allow normal people of India to fly in the aircraft by minimizing the airfare. The other project that takes the limelight is 100 new airports to be built in India.

These projects will be a boost in the AME career as India is already facing a shortage of skilled AME. This will build new career opportunities for the youth who are looking for a unique career in aviation.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Growth in Foreign

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career growth in foreign is over the hills. In many countries such as Vietnam, South America, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea, etc. start-ups are opening their wings. Aviation sectors are growing all over the world you just have to seize the opportunities.

The world is also facing a scarcity of skilled AME which is good news for those who are looking to settle down in foreign countries. An AME career is never boring as they learn new things and building new skills by passing each day.

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  • Where I can make aircraft maintenance engineering career after completion of the course?

    You can make your Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career in national or international airlines, MRO Organisations, aircraft manufacturing companies, aircraft part manufacturing companies, flying clubs, aviation training centers, etc.

  • What is the work of aircraft maintenance engineer?

    The work of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is to maintain, repair, and resolve the issues of aircraft. The safety and security of aircraft are on the shoulder of AME.

  • Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering best career in the aviation?

    Yes, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is one best and unique careers in the aviation sector. The demand for these engineers is high and salary package is also fascinating.

  • Who can pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career?

    12th with PCM students can pursue aircraft maintenance engineering career by joining DGCA, Govt. of India approved Institute. Qualify the modules and practical training is mandatory in AME.

  • Is there great aircraft maintenance engineering career in abroad?

    Yes, there is a great Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career in abroad as the aviation sector is growing globally. The license of AME is internationally valid so they can fulfill their dream in numerous countries of the globe.

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